The DIY Enthusiast Safety Tips and Project Management

The DIY Enthusiast Safety Tips and Project Management


Let me hear it for all he weekend warriors and the Honey do List champs. Let's not forget the guys like myself who owns all the new tools from the local hardware store and  are still in the original package. 

How many initiatives have you started just to abandon due to a lack of funding, cooperation, or simply a lack of focus? You are not by any means alone. You, like many other individuals who are worried and "under the gun" when it comes to a major endeavor in their lives, are looking for a quick fix - the magic beans that will lead you up the beanstalk and to the golden goose. That is not the case. For each project, good project management necessitates patience and strategy. Something that it appears that relatively few people today are aware of.

The key to being a good project manager is to manage the project rather than allowing the project to manage you.

Do you know what qualities a competent project manager should possess? Persistence. It is the one trait that every successful person possesses. You may be inclined to abandon this project, but what will you do when the next one becomes more difficult? So, let's do this and get these project started and completed.
Before we even begin working on a project, some of us set ourselves up for failure, that's why you need a project planner to keep you focused and on track.

The MODERN MAN SHOP Co has designed a simple project planner to keep the project moving and meeting dead lines.

 Crap I will Start and Probably Won't Finish |The Project Planner 

This book is an asset  any project manager, whether they are in charge of multimillion-dollar skyscrapers or the PTA. Because of the simplicity in this book will enable you to complete tasks in a more organized and efficient manner, reducing stress among your coworkers, vendors, employees, and even family members.

Before you get started here are some safety tips

When you work on a project, do you get so involved in what you’re doing that you tune out the world? Sometimes when working on something we get so absorbed in it that we push aside being safe. This is obviously very dangerous. Below are some safety tips you should keep in mind when working on any DIY project. 

  1. Have a clean and organized work area. Injuries can occur if your work area is cluttered. Suppose you wanted to cut a piece of wood but you saw that your work area was cluttered. You decide that you can cut the piece of wood without having to clean up and your hand slips and/or the wood falls. You could then accidently slice your hand open and have to head to the hospital for stitches. 

Having a clean and organized place to work helps to prevent injuries from occurring. Ensure that the next time you’re working on a project, you set aside time to clean and organize your work area. 

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  1. Use the proper tools for the project. You can’t complete your task safely without the right tools for doing it. If you were trying to cut a piece of wood with a kitchen knife instead of a saw, then you’ll probably find that it isn’t going to work out so well for you. The kitchen knife wouldn’t cut the wood, at least not very well, but you could also cut your hand or hurt yourself in another way. 

Using the wrong tool for the project will ensure that you damage the project, the tool, or yourself. 

  1. Electricity and water doesn’t end well. Make sure that when plugging in any power tools or anything that requires electricity, that there isn’t water near. When working on projects, many people have gotten electrocuted because they weren’t aware of what was around them. 
  1. Properly store your tools. Suppose that you just throw all of your supplies into a drawer. You begin looking in that drawer for a pen but you cut your hand on some scissors. Had you placed the scissors in a place where the blade was concealed you wouldn’t have injured yourself. Store your supplies in the proper place to ensure the safety of your supplies and of yourself. 
  1. Use the proper protection. If you’re working on a big project whether building a tree house or painting a house, ensure that you’re being properly protected. If working with loud tools, wear some sort of ear protection to protect your hearing. If you’re cutting something like wood or metal, be sure to protect your eyes. 

Without the proper protection, you could be heading to the hospital with a very serious injury. Even if you’ve been fine in the past, you could be doing damage to yourself that you won’t see for a long time to come, like damaging your hearing by not wearing ear protection. 

It’s very common for people to get so involved in what they’re doing that they push aside safety. But safety is the last thing you want to ignore. Without it, horrific accidents can happen. Be responsible and ensure that you don’t forget about being safe when working on projects. Safety first! Gift Gear and Gadget for Guys unique gift shop for men.



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