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Men's Waterproof Travel Cross Body Chest Shoulder Bag

Men's Waterproof Travel Cross Body Chest Shoulder Bag

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Nylon waterproof men's chest bag. Small, slim, adjustable Strap, Anti-Theft  comfortable to wear...

This is the perfect to go bag especially if you are wearing shorts without pockets and  even if they do have pockets, it sucks very uncomfotable all the crap moving around with keys, phone etc ..... Put all your items in this bag and you are good to go, hands free. It can even hold your 10 inch ipad or Tablet 

This is perfect for that quick trip to hardware store, gym or even hiking. So lets go!  

The man bag, gift gadget and gear for guys 

 21.8 x 10.2 x 4.7 inches, fits 10 inch tablets or iPad

Multi Compartments. Comes with large/medium/small/side compartments for holding different size items. 

Material: Polyester, waterproof and lightweight
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